High quality PRO – rowing boat frame, which can be fastened to almost all rowing boats with rowlocks. Fastening width adjustable steplessly up to 180 cm.

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High quality stainless steel boat accessories and trolling equipment at WHOLESALE prices!


Trolling these days is not overly expensive and it is getting cheaper every year. Bonete products are designed for long-lasting and demanding enthusiast needs, yet the price of products has been kept almost at the level of the material cost. This is why there is no reason to try and make one yourself. Bonete products are manufactured by professionals at the well-chosen factories (which are capable of producing the stainless steel products from start to finish), which has achieved very high quality. People behind Bonete product design have over 70 years of experience in the field of fishing. Several of Bonete products have protection of designs. The products are of a finnish design and are designed to meet the needs of trolling. The starting point of product design is always the modularity of the products and the same product is suitable for a variety of applications and different boat models (the products are not specific to the boat model) => Retailer’s range is reduced and storage easier.

Trolling is a form of fishing where one or more drags are pulled behind the boat. If fished simultaneously with more then five rods, rod holders, engine and planers are usually used as aids. Planer is a device that spreads fishing lines to wider area so that they don’t get tangled. This also widens the area of fishing and improves the chance of getting fish. Fishing with larger planers usually requires the use of a arch fishing frame.

Thanks to the detachable mast pipe, the overall height of the boat does not have to be at the level of the rod tubes, as the product can easily be loosened by 4 nuts and the product can be lowered down. This makes it easier to transport and maintain the boat even in low places even if it has a targa bar.


The world’s first stainless steel rod holder, that has four mounting heights. Rod holders innovative product solution allows four different options for the height of the mounting, that is why the same rod holder can be attached either bottom, center or top mounting to a 25mm tube.