Bonete Light Arch fishing frame

High quality LIGHT – Arch fishing frame for open boats with six detachable rod holders. Designed for small and medium trolling boats.

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Arch fishing frame open boat: Designed to be very sturdy and long-lasting.

Bonete Arch fishing frame for open boat: Designed for large and medium sized trolling boats. Very sturdy stainless steel targa bar for under 2100mm wide open boats. The removable center bar makes it easy to change the width of the product for all boats under 2100mm width. The starting point of product design is always the modularity of the products and the same product is suitable for a variety of applications and different boat models (the products are not specific to the boat model) => Retailer's range is reduced and storage easier.

Prices are defined by the order amount and country of delivery, so contact us for current pricing and delivery options. Arch fishing frame for open boat is available with different packages consisting of trolling equipment. Standard width of the Arch fishing frame for open boat are 1750mm, 1500mm and 1200mm.

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Vetouistelijat huomio – Targakaaret tulevat!Nyt jokainen mittaamaan oman veneen leveys, sillä lokakuun lopussa saamme erän kauan odotettuja Boneten targoja kaikille venetyypeille! Jos olet joskus miettinyt targakaaren hankkimista kalastuksen avuksi, niin nyt on aika tarttua tuumasta toimeen, vaikka jo ensi kautta ajatellen. Tilaamalla sen nyt ennakkoon saat varmasti hyvän targan edullisesti, etkä jää ilman! Ennakkotilaajille toimitamme lisäksi GreatLand Multi-Use Pliers monitoimityökalun veloituksetta. Lisää Boneten targakaarista:

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Arch fishing frame BENEFITS

Read the benefits of Targa bar here.


Read the benefits of Arch fishing frame here.


Arch fishing frame for open boat price includes all necessary mounting brackets, stainless steel nuts and bolts. The width of the product is 1750mm and it is suitable without modifications for 1750mm – 2100mm widths. The Bar has a height of about 1100mm and the distance between fixing points is about 500mm length-wise. The used material thickness is 1.5mm and therefore the products are also well suited for demanding use. The product has been designed to be as robust as possible to withstand the pull of the largest planer boards. The corners of the product have a total of four stabilizing rods and locking bolts. These make sure that the Bar is very strong and retains its shape despite the pull of the large planer boards. A total of three horizontal bars are welded to the central tube to prevent the product from bending and loosening in the long term. Transport is also taken into consideration when designing the product, its packaging size is about 1700mm * 500mm * 300mm and the sales package can also be carried by a standard passenger car.

NOTE! The product is also available in 1500mm width, suitable for 1500 to 1800mm spacing (with no modifications).

NOTE! Now a 1200mm Targa Bar is available, which is suitable for a 1200mm to 1500mm length gap. (with no modifications).


The products are made by professionals and are manufactured at the factory, so all weld joints and workmanship are excellent. The material is austenitic (the magnet does not stick) stainless steel, which after fabrication is pickled. The pickling process removes all contaminants from the surface of the product and ensures that the product is clear of all iron dust and other substances that could rust on the surface of the product.


If the standard size is not of a suitable width, the product can easily be narrowed to the desired width with the help of just a hacksaw. This feature allows the arch to fit any boat of a width less than 2100mm. For narrowing down the product, you can find a separate guide on the Internet (the link is delivered in the sales package), so anyone can shorten the Targa Bar to the desired width.


The installation is made either to a 25mm tube with the help of STAUFF clamp included in the package or directly to the side of the boat. Detailed installation, narrowing and assembly instructions can be found on the Internet (link supplied in sales package).


ROD HOLDER: innovative product solution of the rod holder enables four mounting height options and the installation height can be adjusted approx. +/- 50mm. More information about the product and images from the “ROD HOLDER” tab.

MAST TUBE: mast tube is made of 1.5mm stainless steel and its attachment takes place in a 25mm tube. The product is very durable and can be easily lowered (with loosening 4 nuts ) if the boat is kept under low shelter or it is desired to reduce the wind resistance during the car travels. More information and pictures can be found on the “mast tube” tab.

RAILING TUBE: Railing tube is made of 1.5mm stainless steel and its attachment can be made as desired (pop rivet, screw, etc.) at four points at both ends. Railing tube is really firm and it will withstand the very high-strength forces caused by Targa Bar. More information and pictures can be found on the “mast tube” tab