Arch fishing frame for open boat: Designed for large and medium sized trolling boats. Very sturdy stainless steel Arch fishing frame for under 2100mm wide open boats.

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Light Arch fishing frame: Affordable stainless steel Arch fishing frame, designed for trolling with smaller boats.

High quality LIGHT - Arch fishing frame for open boats with six detachable rod holders. Designed for small and medium trolling boats. The rod holders have 4 mounting heights. The maximum attachment width is about 200cm and the product is really easy to narrow down to fit the boat. The products are made of hand polished austenitic stainless steel. The starting point of product design is always the modularity of the products and the same product is suitable for a variety of applications and different boat models (the products are not specific to the boat model) => Retailer's range is reduced and storage easier.

Bonete Light Arch fishing frame

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The price of LIGHT – Arch fishing frame includes six rod holders, as well as all mountings required for installation. Made of austenitic stainless steel, which is polished by hand. The material strength is 1.5mm and therefore these products are suitable for a very demanding use. The attachment width is approximately 2000mm and the removable center bar allows it to be easily reduced by using only a hacksaw. Thanks to this feature, the product can be easily attached to all types of open boats and it looks like you want in boats of all widths. It can used in fishing net boats to ensure that the fishing net is not caught in the propeller. The innovative product solution of the rod holders enables four mounting height options and the installation height can be adjusted approx. +/- 50mm. The distance between the fixing points is about 500mm and the height from the mounting point to the horizontal beam is about 1000mm. The product package size is about 1800mm * 400mm * 300mm, so it can also be carried by a car.


If the standard size is not of a suitable width, the product can easily be narrowed to the desired width with the help of just a hacksaw and therefore the arch can made to the desired width.


The installation is made either to a 25mm tube or to the side of the boat.