Bonete Light Arch fishing frame

High quality LIGHT – Arch fishing frame for open boats with six detachable rod holders. Designed for small and medium trolling boats.

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Pro-rowing boat frame: Bonete Pro-Soutu for rowing boats

High quality PRO - rowing boat frame, which can be fastened to almost all rowing boats with rowlocks. Fastening width adjustable steplessly up to 180 cm. The rowing boat rack can be removed whenever you are done fishing. It can be attached with all rod holders that use 25mm STAUFF clamp. The product is made of stainless steel and is available now. Pro-rowing boat frame has a protection of designs. The starting point of product design is always the modularity of the products and the same product is suitable for a variety of applications and different boat models (the products are not specific to the boat model) => Retailer's range is reduced and storage easier.

Prices are defined by the order amount and country of delivery, so contact us for current pricing and delivery options. PRO - rowing boat frame is also available with three rod holders, with 4 mounting height options.

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Can be purchased without rod holders or with rod holders and the delivery will include all the fasteners required for installation.


The frame can be mounted horizontally or vertically, which makes it easier for fishing alone (rod holders are closer the person controlling the engine). The product is also great for a troll boat transom. It’s made of 1.5mm austenitic stainless steel and is polished by hand. Mounting width 0.5m to 1.8m. This feature makes it easy to attach the product to any type of rowboat. Innovative product solution of the rod holder enables four mounting height options and the installation height can be adjusted approx. +/- 50mm.The product has been tested for two years on three boats and has been found to be very effective.


Product is installed on rowlocks.