Bonete Pro-Side

Pro-Side: Side mounted row boat side frame that can be fitted with two 25mm STAUFF clamp rod holders also a three rod holder version available. Products adjustment features are their own class, can be adjusted to any angle. Suitable especially for river boats and rowing boats with narrow sides or why not even on the transom of a trolling boat. Bonete PRO – Side has a protection of designs.

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Pro-Hand rail: A really strong hand rail that can withstand the pull of targa bar.

Hand rail is factory manufactured and has a great quality. Product lengths: 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm.
Height: 80mm
Material thickness: 1.5mm
Pipe Diameter: 25mm

Hand rails 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm

Bonete stainless steel hand rail 500mm and 750mm

Prices are defined by the order amount and country of delivery, so contact us for current pricing and delivery options.

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The product can be mounted on a boat cover or other flat surface with pop rivets or screws. The attachment is always case-specific, so the attachment accessories are not included.


The product is made of 1.5mm thick austenitic stainless steel so it can also withstand the pull of the bigger planer reels. The product is manufactured in a factory specializing in the manufacture of stainless steel. The product has been through end-treatment called pickling. The pickling process removes all contaminants from the surface of the product and ensures that the product is clear of all iron dust and other substances that could rust on the surface of the product.