Pro-Downrigger stand

Pro-Downrigger stand: Make a downrigger of your own design.

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Pro-Side boat frame: Rowing boat side frame

Pro-Side rowing boat side frame can be attached to the side of the boat or on transom of a trolling boat, which makes it usable on most of the boats used in trolling. Bonete PRO - Side has a protection of designs. The starting point of product design is always the modularity of the products and the same product is suitable for a variety of applications and different boat models (the products are not specific to the boat model) => Retailer's range is reduced and storage easier. Pro-Side is made of stainless steel and is 120mm long and 70mm wide. Adjustment range is 10-62mm.

Bonete Pro-Side

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Pro-Side: Side mounted row boat side frame that can be fitted with two 25mm STAUFF clamp rod holders. Now a new version with room for 3 rod holders (second picture below) Products adjustment features are their own class, can be adjusted to any angle. Suitable especially for river boats and rowing boats with narrow sides or why not even on the transom of a trolling boat.
Pro-side Rowing boat side framePro-Side with 3 rod holdersPro-Side with 3 rod holders